It is not enough to eliminate the causes to solve problems but it is more important to analyse the current situation in order to achieve the desired state with method and creativeness: the solution.  Consultancy is efficient if it generates results that are simple and can be implemented.

Welcome to my website,

I am a professional who has been working in the field of project management, project coordination, consulting and company support for the industrial fields for several years.  I have a huge and varied amount of professional experience and due to the nature itself of multi-disciplinary project management it has developed throughout the years with experience that I consider to be unique in terms of their nature and problems in different European countries and further abroad.

My professional activities basically consist in helping companies in the management of projects, programmes or project portfolios or supporting them in their  organizational, decision making, methodological, procedure, and systems aspects. My strong points include: loyalty, a sense of leadership and belonging, team spirit, an analytical and creative sense and at the same time a huge amount of experience in terms of management and coordination in various disciplines, development and production skills and the organization of documents, but the main characteristic is the organization and simplification of work for others, reducing conflicts and helping in the solution of everyday problems, preventing possible critical situations.

Project management, Consultancy, company support and expertise are some of the professional activities that I am offering as a qualified partner for Italy and abroad to industrial companies or to investors who require professional support combined with experience, qualifications and flexibility.

I sell experience, not products.