Fields of Activity

I listened and I forgot,
I saw and I remembered,
I did and I understood”  (a Chinese proverb)

float_glassI can truly confirm that I have matured a huge amount of ability and rapidity in under standing new technologies and industrial processes, using experience, professional knowledge and market knowledge matured throughout the years.  Thanks to a very long specific international experience in the industrial field in general and in particular in the field of glass that requires technical and operative flexibility as well as research in extremely short periods of time, the development, management and coordination of any kind of project, wherever it may be. Therefore I would like to offer my services to the following industrial fields, but not only:

primary skills:

  • Basic glass production plants using the Float technology
  • Basic glass transformation plants for construction and the automobile industry
  • Glass production plants for solar applications and non
  • Cable glass production plants
  • Pressed glass production plants
  • Fibre glass production plants
  • Sodium-silicate production plants

Skills with regards to by-products and similar products:

  • Composition plants for the glass industry
  • Plants for the production of concrete
  • Storage plants and treatment of raw materials
  • Water treatment plants
  • Smoke treatment plants
  • Plants for ecology
  • Ventilation, air-conditioning and heating plants for civil and industrial use
  • Burners for waste treatment

Other fields of interest:

  • Town planning work
  • Organisation of sites
  • Construction and reconstruction in general in industrial, public and private fields